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Indigo System -  Percutaneous  Mechanical Thrombectomy

Indigo System -  Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy


The Indigo System Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy  enables the removal of emboli and thrombi from the vessels of the peripheral arterial system  in  a safe , fast and effective easy to use single operator system. An alternative treatment to current treatment options that have limitations such as long hospital stays due to “TPA drip overnight” , risk of bleeding and high risk of distal emboli.

Indicated for  :

• Vessel size 6mm to smaller than 1.5mm
• Acute to acute-on-chronic
• Distal SFA and lower , upper and lower extremities and visceral arteries


• Hybrid catheter design with multiple material transitions
• Various sizes and catheter lengths - CAT3  3F , length 150cm & CAT5  5F, length 132cm
• Unique Separator
• Maximized extraction lumen
• Penumbra MAX pump

Benefits :

• Advanced tracking
• Access to tortuous and distal vasculature
• Largest extraction lumen designed for BTK vessels
• 3F extraction lumen designed for hard-to-reach distal vessels
• Separator allows clot engagement and extraction into Indigo catheter without losing access
• Efficient clot removal
• Easy to use single operator design
• MAX Pump delivers strong vacuum and allows for hands free aspiration assistance

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