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Embozene TANDEM™

Embozene TANDEM™


Embozen TANDEM™ Drug -Elutable Microspheres have been formulated and precisely calibrated to achieve a controlled microinjection with full integration of drugs*

Efficiency :

• Load up to 100mg of drugs in a 2 ml syringe
• Load up to 150mg of drugs in a 3 ml syringe
• Fast drug loading time :

  • o Doxorubicin : 60 minutes
  • o Irinotecan : 30 minutes

• Controlled drug release rates for optimal localized drug delivery

Precision :

• Targeted drug delivery with tightly calibrated Microspheres and superselective TACE
• Controlled and precise drug delivery and release
• Microspheres sizes remain stable during drug loading and storage. Typical size change is less than 5%

Flexibility :

• Ideal for passage through microcatheters
• Available in three sizes (40, 75 , 100 µm)
• Available in two pre filled syringe volumes (2ml or 3 ml)



*Embozene TANDEM Microspheres are indicated for embolization according to the IFU. They may be loaded with a drug to elute a local, controlled, sustained dose of said drug to targeted tumor sites after embolization. Loading of drug should be under a physician’s direction, choice and responsibility, based on type and dose of drug most beneficial to the patient

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